Take Care Of Contact Lenses In Order To Remain Safe To Use

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Helping clear vision while still showing off his beautiful eyes, then use the contact lenses can be a solution. But be careful if not treated properly, it can be bad in your eyes.

Contact lens serves as a substitute for sunglasses. Contact lenses make it easy when doing various activities, without worrying about the goggles might have a risk of a beret, broke, broken or missing. In addition to helping a better look, contact lenses also unobtrusive appearance.

How To Care For Contact Lenses

Even though it has a lot of advantages in terms of care, contact lenses need more attention than glasses. Conditions of contact lens should always be hygienic so as not to cause any health problems such as eye infections and complications of other visions.

Even though it cannot be fully avoided, you can prevent the occurrence of infections of the eye with the following ways.
  • Always wash your hands clean and dry it before installing or removing your contact lenses.
  • Remove contact lenses before bathing or swimming. Try to let your contact lenses are not exposed to water.
  • Try to always take off contact lenses before sleeping. Strongly not recommended to wear contact lenses on an ongoing basis. When we turn a blind eye with a contact lens that remains in the eye, the amount of oxygen to the eye the more thinning. This causes the surface of the eye to become susceptible to infection. In addition, the germs that are in the lens will stick in the cornea during our sleep.
  • Use liquid cleaners specifically recommended the doctor or pharmacy to clean and soak your contact lenses. Do not use water or other liquids, as sea water, pond water, distilled water even once did, it could contain organisms that Acanthamoeba can cause eye infections suffered.
  • Rub it gently while you clean the lens contacts by using a liquid cleanser. Be careful not to tear the contact lenses.
  • Clear contact lenses after use and contact lens storage box three months once guaranteed to keep it clean.
  • If you are wearing disposable contact lenses, you don't need to clean it up because this lens is not designed to be re-used. Never use disposable contact lenses more than a day.

Disease risk incurred due to Dirty contact lenses

If used correctly, contact lenses proved to be safe. But the risk of eye infections contact lenses should remain wary. Because there are germs everywhere, including in the hands and eyelids. When bacteria or fungus contact lens stuck in the eye, You also have the risk of getting infected.

Disinfectant substances contained in cleaning contact lenses are not always 100 percent effective in eradicating mold and bacteria. In addition to infections due to fungi and bacteria, using contact lenses also have a risk of triggering irritation in eyes, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, corneal and abrasion.

Consulting to the doctor immediately if your eyes the possibility of experiencing disruptions due to contact lenses. Characterized by symptoms of irritation, removing dirt continuously, swollen, sore and painful, red, disturbed vision, or sensitivity to light.

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