Careful, Less Fibre can bring Diseases

Make sure the body receives sufficient fiber intake via food consumption of fibrous or fiber supplement is very important. For someone who's less fiber tend to have a low immune system so that it becomes easily hurt.

About 70% of the cells that make up the immune system reside in the digestive tract. In order for the immune system and digestive system can work properly, make sure that the fiber needs are met properly.
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Disease Risk While Less Fiber
Even though it sounds trivial, fiber apparently has a pretty important role related to health. Not only affect the immune system, but less fiber intake can also cause some types of complaints and diseases such as:

The symptoms of constipation are marked with the stool is hard, dry, and difficult bowel movements. If you experience this and less than three times the defecation in the span of a week, you may experience constipation. Consumption of foods high in fiber, with sports and drinking plain water, is sufficient, in order for the bowel back smoothly.

Unstable blood sugar
Fiber needs not met properly may cause diabetics are difficult to control blood sugar. However, diabetics should consult a doctor before changing the type of food or eating patterns.

Gaining weight
Fiber will help meet the sense of satiety. Less fiber in food consumed can make someone eat outweighs the body needs.

Easily tired
The consumption of foods that are high in protein without balanced with sufficient fiber consumption, can make you feel tired and nauseous.

Increased cholesterol levels
Fiber may reduce the absorption of excess cholesterol in the intestine so that the body then throw it away. Lack of fiber will likely increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

Heart disease
A number of studies reveal, someone who is consuming foods rich in fiber tend to have a lower risk of coronary heart disease-affected.

Long-term complications in diabetes
For diabetics, the consumption of foods rich in fiber is not only able to control blood sugar levels but also can prevent diabetes complications in the long term. To someone who does not suffer from diabetes, eating foods high in fiber can prevent affected by this disease.

Fiber levels required per day
There is a difference between the fiber needs of women and men. In men, at least the fiber needs to be met ranged between 30-38 grams a day. While the woman her age range between 18 – 50 years, the needs of fiber per day, which is about 25 grams. Unfortunately, this fiber needs often unmet by either. The average fiber consumption is only about 15 grams of fiber each day.

Well, so that the needs of fiber can be fulfilled, you are advised to consume foods that are high in fiber. Like various kinds of beans, peas, whole wheat flour, green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, corn, and beans. In addition, the consumption of fiber-rich fruits like pears, strawberries, oranges, mangoes, bananas, and apples.

Add fibers in daily diet gradually, to avoid bloating or diarrhea. You can add fiber by adding nuts or seeds flax (flaxseed) on cereal or yogurt salad. Replace Your snacks with legumes or vegetables fresh. Choose fruit that is consumed by the seeds for extra fiber intake.

Not only consuming fibrous food, but a fiber supplement may also be an option. A fiber supplement can be either liquid extract, capsule, powder, tablet or chewable. A variety of herbal treatment options offered to provide much of the benefits of fiber to the body. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor in order to advance the use of supplements or herbal remedies as needed.

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