Benefits Of Guava Cope With Dengue Fever

The turn toward hot weather of rain or vice versa is a sign of the arrival of the season transition. At the time, the mosquito Aedes aegypti can freely breed with inhabited places are not well maintained or slums, especially in a puddle of water. The mosquito Aedes aegypti is very dangerous as the main causes of illness dengue fever.

Activity in everyday life at home for the housewife, such as cleaning the House, taking care of a child, or serving to the family favorites, often making overwhelmed. This, of course, requires a health condition. However, living in tropical countries with high rainfall that often make the environment around becomes inundated water can become barriers.

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Be aware of the symptoms of dengue fever

If no precautions are done, puddles will give odds of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes breed. Aedes aegypti mosquito bites spread the dengue virus high risk to humans.

Dengue virus-infected sufferers of mild symptoms are usually marked with spots in the whole body, a high fever to reach 41 degrees Celsius, including muscle and joint pain. The symptoms of dengue fever can be seen already from the beginning. At a later stage, the symptoms will subside and condition ever improve in a few days.

However different the case on most conditions are more severe, it turns out that instead of being cured, thus became more severe in the next few weeks, signaling the sufferers experience severe dengue fever. The symptoms of dengue fever in conditions more severe can cause bleeding in the mouth and nose, vomiting, abdominal pain, and disorders of the heart, liver, and lungs.

To deal with the disease, doctors generally DBD would advise patients to undergo therapy symptomatic aimed at reducing symptoms and rehydration therapy. Rehydration therapy is done by giving the patient a lot of liquid or white water accompanied by undergoing a long break. The goal, avoid dehydration or run out of the patient's body fluid in the DBD.

Vitamin C from Guava able to Maintain body condition

When it has healed from dengue fever, the mother must maintain body condition in order to complete the work of either household or Office. Therefore, we need proper nutrition and a balanced diet to keep the body healthy and fit. These benefits can be obtained through the content of vitamin c. Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is known by having a number of benefits to heal wounds and help the body in producing red blood cells.

However, vitamin C cannot be manufactured by the human body. Moreover, the level of Ascorbic acid in the human body will decrease as you get older. For it especially as a housewife, it is recommended to supply vitamin C intake from the consumption of vegetables and fruits. One of the ways that are practical and easy to be obtained from psidium efficacy.

guava fruit is the right choice to restore the weakened body condition due to a disease dengue fever because guava is immune system booster Guava is a tropical fruit category that can be consumed in various forms of presentation. Aside from being a source of vitamin C, this fruit contains a lot of fiber is good for the body as well.

You can eat the fruit straight when still fresh or processed as drink juices. Not only is the meat of the fruit, but the leaf extract believed psidium beneficial to increase the production of blood platelets had simply applied to decline due to dengue fever. As for water decoction of leaves of the psidium contain quercetin flavonoids compounds or scattered in nature, in addition to inhibiting the formation of therapeutic viruses believed to cause fever.

So, wait for what again? Don't get distracted so household activity through consumption of psidium demi keeps balance the needs of vitamin C at the same time maintaining body condition after developing DBD.

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