Various Causes of Shoulder Pain and how to overcome them

Shoulder pain caused by an injury or disease that attacks the joints area. Location of sore shoulders generally occurs on the network of ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, and bones of the shoulders.

In case of disorders of the shoulder, then it will limit the ability to move the related organs such as the neck or arm, as well as trigger discomfort.
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Understanding The Causes

Based on the direction of motion of the shoulder or shoulder joints, included in the joints of the bullet, which can move in different directions. This can make an easy shoulder injury. In addition, improper posture, as well as some health conditions, can lead to sore shoulders.

  • Stiff shoulder (frozen shoulder)
This condition is also called adhesive capsulitis. The shoulders are stiff due to thickening of the tissues that form a protective capsule that attaches tightly around the joints of the shoulder. The pain of stiff shoulders can make your hard work on everyday activities such as driving a vehicle, even to sleep comfortably dressed.

  • Injury to muscles and tendons at shoulder joint
A collection of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint also called the rotator cuff or rotator cuff. This Rotator is in charge of keeping the joints in the right position so that it can be driven on a regular basis. Rotator cuff disorders symptoms i.e. soreness when conducting activities related to hand-picked higher than the shoulders, for example when shampooing.

In addition, the pain appears when moving the hand with a different angle with the body. The location of pain generally in front of and next to the shoulder, and feels the more severe at night.

  • Bursitis and tendinitis
The use of the shoulders are too frequent and excessive, will cause the inflammation of the bursa (bursitis), the SAC contains fluid around joints that serve as a lubricant. This condition will generally cause pain while performing daily activities like combing his hair and wear clothes.

Meanwhile, the inflammation of the tendon (tendinitis) resulting in pain in the outer most part of the joint. The weakening of this tendon occurs due to excessive use and as you get older.

How To Overcome A Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain diagnosis is done by finding out the cause. Doctors generally will collect medical history and do a physical examination. Later, when needed then perhaps will proceed with the examination of imaging examination such as x-rays or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to get an overview of details about the condition of the shoulder.

Form handling is generally done by resting, changing habits is mistaken, and physiotherapy to improve flexibility and strength to the shoulder. To relieve the pain, you can bag compresses unused ice approximately 15-20 minutes. Do multiple times per day.

If it cannot reduce the pain to the shoulder, can be done in the following ways:

  • Drug consumption
The doctor will prescribe medications to reduce pain and inflammation. Drink drugs are given, in accordance with the advice of the doctor, to get the effective improvement of influence.

  • Operation
Types of shoulder pain caused by certain conditions such as severe dislocation and torn rotator cuff may also require the action of the operation. The surgery can be either Arthroscopy to remove scar tissue or to repair torn tissue.

Consulting to the doctor immediately if the pain is accompanied with shoulder condition red, swollen, painful and feels the heat around the joints.

In the meantime, you can always keep a healthy life by eating nutritious intake, regular exercise and adequate rest. Do the stretching muscles and joints before and after activities, to keep the flexibility of the joints and prevent injury.

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