Mom, consumption of this food after childbirth

food after childbirth
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The mothers, no need to hurry have a slim body post-natal. After the little one is present, the most important and most mothers need is energy to care for the baby. It cannot be denied, take care of newborn babies, very consuming energy and mind.

For the mother to be healthy, let the consumption of this food after childbirth. Don't be afraid of grease, yes! There is a time later mother can restore the form of the postnatal body. Recommended in the sixth or eighth week, after the doctor declared the mother can already diet and exercise.

Prioritize foods high in protein rather than high in carbohydrates. After childbirth, the mother may feel like a monster who is often starving. It is normal, Kok, due to hormonal factors. Foods high in protein can satisfy hunger, when compared to carbohydrates, also, protein is a good source of energy. There are also several types of vegetables and fruits that have more benefits.

Here are some superfoods for mothers who are new to childbirth:

  • Lean beef. This food is a source of iron and vitamin B12 which is good for mother and baby. If the mother lacks iron, it will be difficult to meet the needs of the little because the mother is less energetic.
  • Salmon. Fish that are rich in DHA content, are important for the development of the baby's nervous system. Breast milk from mothers who consume DHA will contain higher DHA. Also, DHA in salmon fish needed mothers to help improve the mood, Several studies have suggested that DHA plays an important role in preventing post-natal depression. However, the consumption of salmon is about 340 grams per week.
  • Egg. This source of protein is easy to get, including a simple and varied cooking way to taste.
  • Green vegetables. Including spinach, beans, and others as a source of iron that can help the mother recover after childbirth.
  • Almond. With nutrient content that is quite numerous and varied, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin E, fiber, and carbohydrates. Make almond benefits ideal for mother consumption when the post-natal recovery period.
  • Orange. Vitamin C content that is abundant in citrus dapata helps to increase the energy of the mother. Also, please be aware that Busui requires more vitamin C than Bumil.
  • Low-fat dairy products. In the form of milk, cheese, yogurt, or other dairy products. This is a need for breastfeeding mother that cannot be left behind. These foods provide vitamin D and calcium that is good for bones. Nevertheless, consumption of calcium supplements preferably through a doctor's recommendation. A recent study finds calcium supplements are less helpful in improving bone deterioration experienced by Busui. The recommended intake of calcium Busui is about 1000 milligram per day. Meanwhile, in addition to dairy products, other foods containing calcium include nuts, peas, and green vegetables.

In addition to the consumption of nutrients above, do not forget to cover the needs of white water, yes mother! Also, if ASI Bunda little and need to increase its production, try to consume fenugreek. These grains are rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. In Indonesia, fenugreek may be more commonly found in supplement form, once again make sure its consumption is adjusted to the doctor's recommendation.

Improving the diet is very important for general health, especially in postnatal conditions. Do not forget to eat a combination of food by adhered to balanced nutritional patterns. Meet the intake of fiber from various vegetables, fruit, red rice and also wheat like wheat paste, oats or wheat bread that is rich in folic acid for breast milk. There is no less important, break-down, avoid stress by always positive thinking, and exercising routine.

If necessary, consult a physician regarding food suggested or avoided after childbirth.

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