Sprains and how to overcome it

Sprains can be experienced by anyone, either by the person who is rarely exercised, as well as the athletes who practice it daily. In General, sprains can be handled by yourself at home.

Sprains usually occur when you suddenly change direction of movement or lowering speed, usually while exercising. It could also fall, bump into people or other objects, or landed with a position that is not right after the jump.

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On the conditions above, ligamentous accidently forced splayed beyond his ability so can cause ligaments torn or twisted. It is this underlying ligament damage occurrence of sprains. Ligament is tissue resembling ribbons wrap around the joints. The existence of functioning of ligaments connecting the bones with each other. Ankle, thumb the hands and feet, wrists, and knees are the areas most often suffered sprains.

A regular sprain is characterized by specific symptoms, such as pain around the joints that suffered sprains, bruising and swelling in the joints, as well as the inability of the joint support burden. It can also be a bruise incurred appears somewhat away from the joint sprains due to blood that oozes along the muscle. The severity of the sprain depends from how heavy damage to the ligaments that occurs.

Generally Can Be Handled By Yourself

Handling sprains should be done correctly in order to prevent the incidence of relapse at a later date, such as long-term pain and instability of the joint. In most cases, sprains can be handled by yourself at home. The following steps can be followed:

  • Stop doing the activity or movement that could aggravate an injury, at least within 2-3 days after the injury.
  • Apply ice wrapped in a towel on the area of injury for at least 15-20 minutes each 2-3 hours a day. But avoid attaching the ice directly on the injured area.
  • To restrict the movement of that could aggravate the condition of the injured and prevent swelling that extends, balut injured area with plaster (bandage) elastic. Make sure the area is swathed tightly, but not to inhibit blood flow. Remove the bandage before you sleep.
  • Other steps to prevent swelling, put a foot or limb injuries at a higher position. You can use an extra bench as the pedestal feet when sitting or laying down pillows while sleeping.

Overcome pain with anti-pain medication

To relieve the pain of a sprain, you may be applying pain relief cream or gel on the area of the injury. According to various studies in people with sprains, pain reliever this oles drug is more effective than not using anything to relieve the pain and speed the healing process.

There are a variety of options now beyond pain relief drugs, ranging from a gel, cream, brush to spray. Although both relieve the pain, but these drugs can contain different ingredients, such as the following:

  • Salicylic: generally contained within the cream is easily absorbed the joints adjacent to the skin, such as knee joints, elbows, and fingers.
  • Counterirritant (such as metilsalisilat, menthol, and camphor) which caused a sensation of cold that divert your focus from pain.
  • Active ingredients: eugenol which is widely used as a natural pain reliever this obtained from oil of clove.
    OAINS (Nonsteroid Anti-inflammatory Drug).
  • Capcaisin: is the material contained in the chili peppers so hot on the skin caused a sensation when dioles.

Various types of medications pain reliever this brush you can purchase directly at the pharmacy. But even though it is a drug-free, there are a few things you should do before using this product:

  • Read the usage instructions carefully.
  • Whatever product you use, keep in mind not to put it on when there is an open wound on the area of the injury.
  • Avoid put together with the use of a bandage (bandage).
  • Wash your hands and avoid rubbing the eyes after using this product.
  • Before using drugs containing salicylates, check with your doctor if you are taking blood thinning medications or allergy to aspirin.

In addition to drugs for external use, drinking drugs also available pain reliever, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Although experts haven't agreed upon which more effective drug usage among oles compared the drug to drink, but at least the risk of occurrence of side effects of drug usage oles lower.

In addition, in order for the sprain is not makin elicit pain, avoid areas of injury from exposure to heat, for example due to bath sauna, warm water, or exposed to sunlight directly. It is not advisable to undergo a massage because it can aggravate the injury risk, and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages due to risk slowing down the healing process. It is no less important, delay doing physical activity is excessive.

When to see a doctor?

Meet the doctor when a standalone treatment to no avail and sprains are not noticeably improved after three days. There are also some circumstances in which you must immediately to the hospital, that is when you experience pain is not unbearable, the joints can withstand absolutely no load, injured area feels numb fingers or can't feel anything, injury recurring in the same area, or there is a reddish area widened from where joint sprains.

Such cases the possibility of requiring more complex handling in hospitals. In cases when the use of drugs does not give ordinary antinyeri repair, the doctor will probably prescribe a stronger antinyeri, such as codeine. The mounting brace or splint may also be required to minimize the movement of the joints. Physical therapy or physiotherapy can be recommended by doctors to help patients recover normal function to the joints. In addition, although rarely, handling through surgery needs to be done if there is damage to the muscle or ligament tear in her on.

In Order For A Sprain Does Not Come Again

Sprains or muscle damage higher risk occurs especially if it is your first time doing a type of exercise which involves part of the muscle that is seldom trained. However, athletes, especially the athletes run and calisthenics, can also experience sprains if load too heavy exercises make muscles stiffen.

Muscles and joints a person who rarely exercise tends to be inflexible and more risky suffered sprains. Bad sports techniques and lack of warming can also be causes of sprains. In addition, the muscle fatigue is also unable to support the joint perfectly.

Therefore, to prevent sprains, use comfortable clothes and proper shoes and warm-up before exercise. It is recommended to stretch before exercising. This step helps the joints and muscles become more flexible so it's not an easy injury. We recommend that you delay the sport when You're physically tired. As a precaution, the daily consumption of fresh and healthy food to keep the strength of the muscles and joints.

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