Strengthen the child's immune system to Overcome dengue fever

Dengue fever dengue could have led to the death of the child in most Asian countries, including Indonesia. Therefore, do prevention by strengthening the child's immune system becomes one of the appropriate measures to minimize the children affected by the disease dengue fever.

Dengue fever can be suffered by anyone, from adults as well as babies. Diseases caused by viruses carried and spread through mosquito bites this indeed can be fatal, moreover, dengue fever could culminate to death if not treated immediately.


Various symptoms become signs that a person is exposed to the attacks of dengue fever will appear and accompany the development conditions, including the time your child is experiencing it. However, some children may not feel the mild symptoms of dengue. Mild symptoms will usually appear during the vulnerable time four days up to two weeks after the child was bitten by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. Usually, the symptoms of dengue fever will take place during the 2-7 day. As for the symptoms of dengue fever in children are as follows.
  •     Experiencing high fever, generally reaching 40 ° c.
  •     The emergence of pain in the back of the eyes, joints, muscles, and bones.
  •     Severe headaches can also accompany the symptoms in children.
  •     Prone to bruising.
  •     The appearance of the rash on most of the body.
  •     Mild bleeding through the nose or on the gums.

What to do when a child is stricken with dengue fever?

Don't panic when the children are experiencing dengue fever. You are advised to do some simple things it used to be, namely:
  • Ask the children to rest to recover
  • Give him plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration
  • Provide nutritious food intake
Next, check with him to the pediatrician to get a proper diagnosis. Usually, the doctor will give paracetamol or acetaminophen to relieve fever and pain. In addition, the doctor will provide the therapy as part of the treatment process. As a parent, it is advisable not to give the drug ibuprofen or aspirin can be bad because it was feared to the number of blood platelets. Then, note the condition of the child thoroughly at home, especially after the fever temperature decrease. If within 24 hours of the child experiencing vomiting accompanied the decline of the condition in General, immediately checking the child back to the hospital.

What to do to prevent a child from dengue fever?

One of the steps that can be done to strengthen the body's immune system and protect children from the risk of being bitten mosquitoes that cause dengue fever is consuming enough vitamin c. vitamin C intake Adequacy can strengthen the immune system or the child's immune system. Not only that, the growth of other children will be influenced by the intake of vitamin C, for example:

  • Help the establishment and improvement of red blood cells, including the formation of bone and tissue.
  • Strengthen the child's blood vessels and minimize the occurrence of discolored because knock or scratched.
  • Healthy gums.
  • Faster healing of wounds. Support the process of absorption of iron from food sources.
guava or which is one of the fruits that you can select in an effort to meet the needs of vitamin C in children. The content of vitamin C in fruit guava achieves four times more than in oranges.  To support the process of therapeutic treatments from a doctor, you can also take advantage of the fruit Guava psidium also known as guava psidium or. Based on health articles, leaves the plant guava allegedly could be used to prevent a decline in the number of platelets due to dengue virus infection. The decoction of leaves of guava psidium or containing quercetin judged effective in fighting the dengue virus-cell, i.e. by way of inhibiting the formation of the enzymes that cell. Psidium fruit benefits it just doesn't stop there as the guava fruit is ripe is allegedly able to help withstand the decline in the number of platelets in the blood of patients of dengue.

Dengue fever in children is indeed quite dangerous but there is no need to panic. Strengthen the immune system before and when the child is sick and immediately consult your doctor to get advice on handling the symptoms of dengue fever are right

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