The first aid in people Fainting can save the lives of Others

Recognize the first aid in people Fainting can save the Lives of Others

Fainting may occur when someone instantly unconscious because blood flow to the brain is insufficient. First aid in people fainting needs to be done carefully because the unconscious can sometimes cause serious disruption. Fainting is suggested to be treated as emergency conditions until the cause is unknown and symptoms experienced by subsiding

Fainting can happen anytime and anywhere, depending on condition and health conditions such as when thrust in public transport, not to eat, or fatigue. Fainting can be initiated among others from some of the symptoms such as chest pain, irregular heartbeat, pale or blue lips, difficulty breathing, as well as a look of confusion.


Handling people who fainted actually depends on the type and cause. However, there is a common way that can be done as first-aid in people fainting.

Below are the things that can be done as first-aid in people fainting:

  • Position the patient on her back with her legs raised higher about 30 cm from the heart. This will restore the flow of blood back to the brain. The person who fainted at a seating any recommended was laid down.
  • Loosen his clothes. If it collapsed due to the heat, make sure it is getting air or wind.
  • Check and make sure his breathing channels free from interference. If there is no interference, then you can start trying to do artificial respiration until he is responding.
  • Try to wake up with the Pats or shook his body, or shout at, It could also roll it aside while you check to breathe and pulse
  • Contact your doctor or nearest hospital to ask for help.
  • If anything, AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) can be used by people who are already trained to check whether the normal rhythm of the heart. Check pulse.
  • Shortly nursing if there are cuts or swelling due to a fall while unconscious. Press to control the bleeding, if present.

First aid in people fainting after getting up, give fruit juices, especially if he has diabetes or has not eaten until more than six hours. Use of the patient until he really recovers from fainting. People who wake up after fainting are advised not to stand too fast. He needs to be seated or lying so that the unconscious is not repeated. Although the cause of the fainting is estimated to be harmless, he still advised resting for at least 15-20 minutes. While sitting, invite him to put his head between his knees.

Asked whether he was still experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, abdominal pain, back pain, headaches, weakness, or loss of body functions. Alert, because these symptoms may refer to the cause of the fainting that may become dangerous.

Although generally can be addressed on its own, but was soon brought to the ER or check with a doctor if the patient:

  • Failed to sober up to more than one hour
  • Fainting more than once in a month.
  • Pregnant or experiencing other serious conditions such as heart pain.
  • Falling on the head while unconscious.
  • Experiencing abnormal symptoms such as confusion, blurry vision, shortness of breath, or tough talk.

The results of the examination the doctor may refer the patient to a specialist heart or nerves for further handling. People who quite often experienced fainting is recommended for accompanied while driving or work such as operating machine. If you or anyone else see directly the person unconscious, first aid in people swoon over you can apply while you wait for the medical team to come.

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