Alert! Skin can also be dehydration

Not only the body, apparently the skin can also be dehydrated. The good news, there's a way to keep skin's moisture from inside.

Dehydration of skin or dry skin is a condition when the skin lacks fluid on the epidermis layer resulting in a loss of Natural Moisturizing Factor or skin's natural moisturiser factor resulting in decreased moisture levels.

Be wary if you experience symptoms of dehydration of skin as below.

  • Skin feels toned and itchy, especially after washing, bathing, or swimming.
  • The skin looks dull and feels rough.
  • There are fine lines or peeling on the skin of certain body parts.
Dehidration skin
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Behind the dehydration of skin

The outermost layer of skin is called epidermis. In this layer, there are 4 layers of skin cells, one of them stratum corneum. Stratum corneum (SC) is the most responsible lipid-protein membrane when the skin is dehydrated. The fluid in this layer of epidermis is responsible for maintaining elasticity and preventing dry skin.

In this stratum corneum, there are important components, such as natural moisturizing factor (NMF) or natural moisturizing factor in charge of maintaining the moisture content of skin moisturizers. NMF is a mixture of hygroscopic molecules (interesting and water-holding properties) that help maintain hydration in the stratum corneum. Some of the contents of NMF are salts (including electrolytes), urea, and lactate. The amino acids are also stored in it.

NMF production relies heavily on the moisture of the surrounding environment. When liquid content is less than 10 percent, the skin surface will be dry. Dry skin may be a sign that the body is deficient in liquids.

You can prevent the condition of dehydration of skin by routinely drinking electrolytes at any time, including before bedtime to keep skin awake from within. This is because electrolyte fluid is able to replace the body's sodium, potassium, and magnesium components that are lost through sweat.

Beautiful skins can be owned by anyone. But keeping it protected from Dehydrationis also very important. Many drinking electrolytes will help keep your natural skin moisturable. Keep your skin healthy even when you're busy.

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