Foods to avoid while dieting

The basic principle of diet is to consume more calories needed. However, some foods that you think are healthy in fact can drive weight. For that, you have to choose between food and food.

The foods you consume can contribute to weight loss plans, or even support weight gain. Food that you believe is healthy or labeled as low in sugar, not necessarily effective and by your diet program.

Beware of food and beverage listings below during Diet

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Check out the variety of foods and beverages to avoid during the following diets:

  • Juices in packaging
Juice can be used as a healthy drink because it is made from fruit or vegetable. But not so with the juice in the packaging sold in the supermarket. The juice in milk contains the same sugar and calories as a can of soda.
For the success of your diet, consumption of juice is treated directly from fresh fruit, without additional sugar. Eating fruits and vegetables can be adequate for fiber. Fiber can make you full longer, so eat less. Fiber also plays a role in digestive health, controlling blood sugar, and lowering cholesterol.
  • Fries and chips
Despite being dieting, you are still advised to consume carbohydrates. Potatoes are one of the good sources and easy to be processed. In addition to barely containing fat, the calories in the potatoes are low, which is only about 90 per 100 grams of potatoes. However, the way of serving potatoes determines their nutritional content.

French fries and potato chips contain high calories. Both types of snacks are foods that you need to avoid while you're on a diet. Studies show that one serving of fries and potato chips greatly affect the weight gain compared to other foods. Also, frying can bring out the acrylamides compounds that can trigger cancer. Boiling and steam are the best ways to keep nutrients on potatoes.
  • Cakes
Cakes are made from a mixture of flour, sugar, and butter. In addition to containing saturated fats, cakes contain high calories and low nutrients. Eating a cake makes you easy to get hungry, so it even makes you eat more. If you want to eat sweet foods, choose dark chocolate. The higher the chocolate content, the better the nutrient content. Dark chocolate has a higher antioxidant than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate consists of extra sugar and fat is not good for the diet.
  • Ice cream
Ice cream is tempting, but there is a high calorie and sugar content behind it. Because delicious, it is very easy to consume it in many quantities. If you still want to consume it, you can create your own with a selection of healthier ingredients, such as yogurt and fruits.
  • White bread
Eating white bread with jam or butter is an easy and filling breakfast option. But for those of you who are dieting, it is advisable to replace this breakfast menu with oats. The reason for a study found that bread set buds increased the risk of weight gain and obesity by 40 percent. Another alternative is to consume whole wheat bread instead of white bread. In a study, people who underwent a low-calorie diet with whole wheat bread menu lost more of their belly fat that was eating white bread and white rice. Although healthier, wheat bread consumption should be adjusted, according to your calorie needs.
  • Bottled Drinks
Drinks in cardboard packaging or can contain high calories. If consumed excessively, a sweet drink can have a bad impact on health and weight gain. Drinks in this package include soda, energizing drinks, isotonic drinks, canned coffee, and bottled tea.
  • Food with sugar additives
Nowadays many products with added sugar. Sugar is better known by the name sucrose, maltose, or fructose. The way to identify it is by reading the label on the packaging. Excess sugar can increase obesity and heart disease.

    Foods labeled low in fat or fat-free are not forever healthy. This is because additional sugar is needed to increase the delicacy caused by fat loss.

Aside from the above list of foods, food should be avoided when other diets are processed products. Processed products such as sausages, corned beef, or nuggets, usually use additional sugars and fats.
If you are unsure whether food is healthy and supportive of your diet, look out for nutritional labels and compositions. Do not forget to limit consumption, because food that is considered healthy such as nuts and cheese also turns high calorie, so the consumption remains to be limited. Consult a nutritional physician to determine your daily needs according to your health condition

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