How to get a fast skinny and durable diet

Instead of taking medicines, a fast skinny diet is safer to do naturally, that is by changing the lifestyle that is lived. Although it sounds interesting, undergoing a lean fast diet is not an easy thing.

A fast skinny diet is less recommended because, in addition to less healthily, a lean Fast diet is also difficult to do consistently. As time passes, you may have difficulty in maintaining the changing way of eating that is recommended during the diet.

The ideal weight loss is 0.5 – 1 kg per week. So even though you want to be fast skinny, you need to be patient and diligently undergo a diet until you reach the ideal weight that is desirable, but still healthy.

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Quick Skinny Diet Guide

For those of you who want to try a quick skinny diet, here are the lifestyle changes that should be lived:

  • Breakfast high in protein

Start your day by consuming a high breakfast menu of protein content. Because, protein foods tend to reduce appetite, so the desire to consume calorie foods can be reduced.

  • Avoid sweet drinks

Sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar with high enough calories, so it tends to increase weight. In running a fast skinny diet, it is advisable to avoid drinking sweet drinks, such as soda, beer, smoothies, iced sweet tea, coffee, sweet yogurt, energizing drinks and fruit juices.

  • Drink water before eating

For weight loss can run fast, familiarize the consumption of white water about 30 minutes before meals. The research mentions, if this is applied for 3 months consistently, the weight loss gained will be higher up to 40%. This habit can also make you more easy to fill, without having to eat too much.

  • Consumption of foods containing soluble fiber

Foods that contain soluble fiber can make you feel fuller. A study shows, consuming soluble fiber can reduce fat in the area around the stomach. These soluble fibers can be obtained from whole wheat, nuts, grains, apples, oranges, and carrots.

  • Coffee and tea consumption

Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea, have a role in losing weight. Because the consumption of caffeinated beverages can increase the hormone levels of epinephrine in the body. When the hormone levels of epinephrine increases, then the fat in the body will be easy to split up, so that weight will drop.  It's just worth noting, the performance of the hormone epinephrine in losing weight can not run maximally without a healthy diet and adequate exercise. Also, make sure to consume coffee and tea without any other additives, such as sugar or cream.

  • Avoid sports food

Avoid consumption of processed foods such as dried fruit, frozen foods, breakfast cereals, fast food, bread, cakes, biscuits, canned vegetables, and processed meats. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and fresh beans is more recommended because it is healthier and filling.

  • Eat slowly

People who eat fast tend to be easy to experience weight gain. Therefore, eat slowly because the performance of the digestive hormones can work well and feel fuller.

  • Routine weighing weight

Studies show people who routinely weigh weight regularly tend to be more likely to lose weight and maintain it for a long time.

  • Enough sleep

Poor sleep quality seems to contribute to weight gain. So it is important to ensure enough sleep every day.

Although various ways of fast skinny diets can lose weight in less time, it is recommended that you undergo a healthy diet that decreases weight gradually. This kind of Diet is also more able to endure in the long term.

No less important, a skinny fast diet can not be done arbitrarily and should be done under the supervision of a doctor of nutrition. If done incorrectly, there are risks of suffering from headaches, constipation, hair loss, dehydration, and malnutrition.

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